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Rebels & Scholars launched in October of 2014 and it continues to be an educational and fulfilling journey. We are committed to celebrating Cultura in the Northwest. We strive to balance knowledge from books, the streets and unique life experiences. 

We are a small and independent business; owned and operated by two Latinx professionals. We speak to a mixture of Northwest iconic imagery and Latinx Cultura so you do not need to be Latinx to purchase our merch.  

We have a passion for exploring Latinx Herstory, delicious food, great coffee, the Pacific North Fresh, traveling and family. Our unique backgrounds, personal journeys, and dedication to the local and global community have molded us into Rebels & Scholars. 

Formal education is important to us. We would not be who we are without it. For the past three years we have awarded graduating high school and community college students scholarships to ease just a little of the burden that tuition can cause. We are conscious in our efforts and strategically support undocumented students. 

We love the place we call home. We are engaged in our community and continue to give back, sustain local business and nurture future generations. A few of the organizations and causes that we have and continue to financially support:

  • Casa Latina 
  • Columbia School of Social Work 
  • Colectiva Legal del Pueblo 
  • Latino/a Educational Achievement Project 
  • La Roxay Productions 
  • Washington Dream Coalition 

The Northwest is overflowing with talent and amazing small businesses. We have had the privilege to work and collaborate with some of the Northwest’s finest. Our graphic designers, print shops, photographers, models, web designers, consultants, artists and more are all local.   

Gracias for your support, 

Jackie, Ray, Ariana, Jimena and Oso


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