Our Story

REBELS & SCHOLARS was founded in 2014. Our mission was to celebrate Cultura in the Pacific Northwest. Since that time our brand has transcended the Upper Left Coast. We often get asked about our name and the meaning. Our name was inspired by the song "Jack of Spades." A track by Hip Hop pioneers Boogie Down Productions. As for the meaning, we think it symbolizes finding and embracing the balance between street knowledge (common sense) and book smarts. 

We are a small independent business founded by a Salvadoreña and a Mexicano, with roots in Washington and love for our ancestors. As a SalviMex family, we understand the importance and power of voices within marginalized communities. We do our best to uplift through our messaging and wearing our pride on our literal sleeves. Each piece celebrates Calidad, Cultura, and Community. We are loyal to our soil and work with local graphic designers, artists, screen printers, photographers, and models. We stay putting profits right back into the neighborhoods that continue to support us.

  • A REBEL overcomes and works through struggles, does their best to learn from past experiences and stands in opposition of the status quo.   
  • A SCHOLAR never stops soaking up knowledge, builds, and works towards creating solutions to lift up the community.

**Jackie and Ray

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