We pride ourselves on working with local folks and small businesses. From print shops to graphic designers to photographers to models. All home grown. Since we are part of the entire process, the quality shines through in our merchandise. No outsourcing here. When you spend money in the community, the money stays in the community and the finished product is Calidad.   


We are a Salvi-Mex household with roots in Central America, Mexico, Yakima Valley and Seattle. We are proud to represent the 206 and the Pacific North Fresh. Our collective journeys, life experiences and passions blend into our merchandise. Each of our apparel collections tells a different story and like the generations before us, storytelling is a vital part of our Cultura.  


We are inextricably connected to the communities we work, live and spend our free time in. From the jump we have been committed to being involved while supporting organizations and causes we feel are integral to making change happen. We do our best to practice what we preach. We ask that y'all hold us accountable. We are not hard to find. You can find us in the Community.

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